vinyl record album collecting

If you remember playing your albums on a stereo phonograph, you’ll probably recall how crisp the sound was. The trebles were cleaner, and the bass was perfect. That is part of the reason why vinyl has now become the most popular medium for the the true audiophile. It is an unusual comeback in this hi-tec world. Usually the electronic items we have come to rely on have evolved into better, more precise versions of their predecessors. But in this rare case, the older technology for listening to recordings most people now consider to be superior.

Suddenly people are dusting off their old albums (at least those who actually saved their collections) and are now upgrading their sound equipment. Remember the commercial where the guy is sitting in a chair in front of his speakers with his hair blown back? That is the level of performance many are looking for once again. Reproducing the actual studio sessions and live concert sound is possible with vinyl. Crisp, clear, sound quality that a lot of people are hearing for the first time.

Now listening to nearly flawless sound reproduction, is just part of what vinyl is all about. Collectors (and knowledgeable investors) are seeing the demand, as well as prices increasing on rare edition albums. You may even have some right now. There is a page on this website for checking the value of your albums (Vinyl Record Album Values). A lot of people also bought certain albums because the artwork on the covers was so cool! Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass album, “Whipped Cream & Other Delights”, is just one example. At least it’s one of mine anyway. But there are so many great covers from the past that are just amazing. It is one area of buying miusic now that doesn’t really even come into play. I’m sure there are probably some great CD covers out there, but none really seem to stand out in my mind. Maybe you can leave a comment and let everyone know what you have found, and let us know some of your favorite albums that you own.

It’s a great hobby, have fun!

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