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Vintage TV Sets

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vintage television sets

Growing up with a TV that only got 3 channels seemed just fine. If there was nothing on you liked, you just did other things. Yes, there were actually other things to do. Watching a TV show was usually a family thing, especially on Saturday and Sunday nights. Jackie Gleason on Saturday night, and The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings is where you would find most families across the country.

Then the biggest thing to happen in tv land was getting a color TV. Man, that was great! Now the NBC peacock would let us know that the “following program is brought to you in living color”. I remember my Dad playing with the color knobs to adjust the red and greens. His favorite way to make the right adjustments, was to tune to a baseball game, because you knew the grass was green. And it was 1968, the Detroit Tigers were kicking butt on their way to the World Series. And being a kid in Michigan it just couldn’t get any better.

Then the future arrived. In the past, we would put up with watching commercials. Because if you wanted to change the channel you had to get up off the couch and manually turn the knob. And that usually was followed by a little rabbit ear adjustment with the help of everyone else on the couch saying, “just a little to the left”. But now things were about to change. Our new Zenith TV had a remote control! When you pressed a button to change the channel you could hear and see the knob on the tv going click click click. Wow, we were seeing how the Jetsons lived. But once again, being a kid that liked to experiment, my younger brother and I had to see how far you could be away from the tv and still be able to change the channel. We were all over the place just clicking away. Then we thought, hey let’s go upstairs to the room right above the tv and point the remote through the floor and try clicking. It actually worked. Kinda scary because the new remotes won’t do that. I think those early remotes are now being studied at Area 51 for their Ray Gun abilities. And of course we already know that the early Philco Predicta TVs were obviously not made on Earth.

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