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I remember riding my bike down to the local drug store. That’s where I bought all of my comic books and 45 rpm records. Occasionally I had enough money saved up to buy a full album! Those were fun days! I went over to my friend’s house to play some records and I noticed it didn’t sound as good as when I played them at home. His sister came in and told me that they didn’t have a stereo, it was a Hi-Fi. So from then on we used my stereo. The stereo was a big wood Zenith console. It had louver doors in front of the speakers. I loved that stereo. Very good memories stacking albums on the spindle and listening to music for hours. Stereos and Hi-Fi sets made by Phillips, Zenith, RCA, Philco, Motorola, and more can be bought here for you to add to your collection, or to have just a nice antique to display.