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Three Cent Piece

three cent coin

The United States three cent coin was introduced in 1851 as a means of addressing the shortage of small denomination coins in circulation. It was initially made of silver and had a distinctive star design on the obverse side. Over time, the design of the three cent coin underwent several changes. In 1854, the coin was redesigned with a new Liberty Head motif, which depicted a left-facing image of Lady Liberty wearing a headdress. The reverse side featured the Roman numeral III encircled by a laurel wreath.

In 1865, the composition of the three cent coin was changed to nickel, which made the coin more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear. The design was also updated, with the Liberty Head motif replaced by a portrait of a shield, which was encircled by six stars and the Roman numeral III. Despite its usefulness in daily transactions, the three cent coin was eventually phased out of circulation due to its declining popularity and production costs. The last three cent nickel was minted in 1889, marking the end of an era in American coinage history.