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Half Dollars

Half Dollars

The United States Half Dollar coin has a rich and diverse history that spans over two centuries. It was first introduced in 1794 as a way to facilitate commerce in the growing nation. The Half Dollar coin has gone through various changes in design, composition, and minting methods, reflecting the evolution of the United States and its currency. The Half Dollar coin’s original design featured a bust of Liberty on the obverse, with an eagle on the reverse. Over the years, different versions of Lady Liberty and other iconic figures, such as Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy, have graced the coin’s obverse. The reverse design has also seen changes, including depictions of eagles, heraldic shields, and various national symbols.

One of the most significant moments in the history of the Half Dollar coin occurred in 1964, when the composition was changed from 90% silver to a clad composition of copper-nickel. This change was made to address the rising cost of silver and to meet the increasing demand for Half Dollars for circulation. However, due to the intrinsic value of silver, many pre-1964 silver Half Dollars are highly sought after by collectors. The Half Dollar coin has also been associated with important events in American history. For instance, the Kennedy Half Dollar was issued in 1964 as a memorial to President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated earlier that year. It remains a popular collector’s item and is often used to commemorate significant national events.