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Half Dime

United States Half Dime
An interesting coin to add to your collection is the half dime or half disme. This coin was the first official coin minted by the United States Mint as described in the Coinage Act of 1792. They were smaller than dimes in diameter and thickness making them appear to be half dimes. But once the copper nickel five cent coin was put into production it made the half obsolete. It is a favorite of numismatists and was produced in five different styles through its life, including the Flowing Hair 1794–1795, Draped Bust (Small Eagle Reverse) 1796–1797, Draped Bust (Heraldic Eagle Reverse) 1800–1805, Capped Bust 1829–1837, and the Seated Liberty 1837–1873. Another great type coin for your collection.