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Challenge Coins from Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army

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Challenge Coins

USMC Challenge Coin

Challenge Coins have a rich history with various stories and origins attributed to them. One of the stories dates back to ancient Rome, where it is believed that Roman soldiers were presented with coins to acknowledge their courage and bravery in battle. Another account comes from medieval times, where Portrait Medals were given to individuals of high social status as a form of recognition or honor. These medals often depicted the individual’s portrait and were used as a means of commemorating their achievements or contributions.

However, the most commonly known story about Challenge Coins is attributed to World War I. It is said that a young pilot, who was shot down behind enemy lines, was wearing a medallion that was given to members of his unit. The medallion helped identify him as part of a specific squadron, and his captors recognized the emblem on the medallion, confirming his identification. As a result, they spared his life and offered him a bottle of wine as a gesture of goodwill. Today, Challenge Coins are often used in military and other organizations as a symbol of camaraderie, teamwork, and recognition. They are typically custom-designed and carry the emblem or logo of the organization, unit, or team they represent. Challenge Coins are often given as tokens of appreciation or exchanged as a way to commemorate shared experiences or achievements among members of a group.